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About Hadfields

Hadfield's not only prides itself on creating the finest collection of bridlework, it is also known for its wide array of quality Equestrian clothing.  The Cynthia Munro clothing line of hunt coats, shirts and breeches is devoted to the traditional style.  We have also added a few pieces of "fashion forward" clothing to create the perfect blend of classic and contemporary styling.

Our main concerns in developing the CM collection are quality and fit.  Every article is first tested by us personally and then shown to a select group of professionals before proceeding.  Once the fit is established, we pick our fabrics, which have changed over the years.  Equestrian competitors are recognized as unique athletes who require impeccable and elegant attire that is also functional and comfortable.  We feel that the CM clothing line has achieved this.

In addition to our own name brands, we provide the following products
that we have come to love and trust:  Pikeur breeches; helmets by Charles Owen, GPA and Samshield; rainwear by Helly Hansen; and boots and half chaps by Tucci, to name a few. Whatever the brand, we hope that you are 100% satisfied with our selection.

Some words from our satisfied customers:

"There's something distinctive about a Hadfield's coat; it's the attention to detail and tailoring.  It stands out from everyone else." - Beth Dorfman, New York, New York

"I have two Hadfield's dress shirts bought thirteen or fourteen years ago.  I still get compliments on them, and both look great.  Even when I get lazy and bring them to the dry cleaners, they compliment me on the quality of the shirts.  As for the leather goods, the quality is incomparable.  If you want a "forever" bridle, reins and martingale, there is only one place to buy them:  here at Hadfield's – you have nothing to lose." - JoAnn, Connecticut

"I love Hadfield's.  You've already done the shopping for me!  Thanks," - Kim Swenson